DIY Flower Maven Floral Design Workshop

By Melissa M. // Photo By JHICKS PHOTOGRAPHY

You’re at the grocery store and you push your cart right past a bank of jaw-dropping, colorful blooms. They are just too pretty to pass up, so you grab three bunches wrapped in cellophane and place them into the child seat of your cart. You get home, unpack your flower haul, grab a vase, a packet of flower food and start snipping stems. After jamming them all in the vase you notice that you trimmed half of them too short, there is a big hole in the back of the arrangement and that one dang flower just won’t cooperate. Ugg. I’ve been there! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


Photo – Ellagraphs Studios

JoAnna Gibbons and Paul Young met through mutual friends, connecting over drinks at a bar they both frequented. When Paul invited JoAnna to enjoy fine dining at the restaurant where he worked as a chef, “I knew I had her,” he says. He so impressed her with his culinary prowess that when he called her the next day to ask her out, she agreed. “She was calm and cool to my outgoing and hyper—the Bonnie to my Clyde,” Paul says. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Munch a Bunch of Pretty Posies

By Cindy Eggert Johnson // Photo: Gary Porter

For Mother’s Day, this impulse blooms in the estimated $1.9 billion Americans will spend this year on a gift of flowers. Only a special Mother’s Day meal – on which we are expected to spend an estimated $2.9 billion this year, according to the National Retail Federation – overshadows our desire to festoon the great women in our lives with beautiful bouquets. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE